Submissions Guidelines

You may submit either through the contact form below as a message, or you can email through up to three documents (as a word doc or as a pdf) to


Each prose piece, essay or article can be up to 2000 words long. If you are intending on submitting anything longer than this, then we ask you break it into 2000 word chunks, and submit each chunk as a separate document. Extended pieces like this will be published in a series of parts. We will accept fictional prose, non-fiction prose, reports, scientific essays, reviews of books, film and music, as well as articles, list-icles or anything you think has merit. 


There are similarly few limits with poetry submissions. Again, if it is an extended form poem, please send it in separate documents, with no more than 2000 words per document.

Art, Photography and Mixed Media

We request that photography and art is sent in as a high a resolution as possible, as this will enable us to maintain quality upon publishing. Please do not sent photos within a pdf or word doc as this will damage the quality. Please title each photograph with a your name, number (out of total submitted) and the title of the piece. This will facilitate discussion of the works. 

Editing Services

If you wish to submit work to be edited or for some free, objective feedback, please send us your work (as a word doc or as a pdf) to

We will not be able to offer feedback, or edit work submitted through the below contact form.

We will edit, offer feedback, support or guidance on any of the text types that we would normally accept for submission.

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Email submissions or feedback to

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